The Local Experience

MARCUS / Camp Founder/Owner

We nearly lost the Little Big Man 2 yrs back to Cancer, thankfully he has made the most amazing recovery and is back to full speed. Marcus has extensive Knowledge of the local waves and will make sure you surf the best waves at the right time. As camp founder he will be overlooking your stay to ensure maximum enjoyment and satisfaction on your Moroccan holiday! If you're surf guiding you can be sure to see Marcus carving up the bombs outback!


Nickname- Tin Tin (it's the quif)

Favourite Board- Cimente 5'11" 18" 3/4

Most Likely to say- "yeh yeh it's pretty spicy that wave"

SANAA / Owner/Cooking Coach/Tour Guide

Fluent in French, Arabic & English with Spanish on the way Sanaa is the perfect guide during your stay. Her extensive knowledge of the local area, culture and Moroccan cooking gives you a truly Authentic Moroccan experience. She  also loves to  SUP and Surf


Nickname- Hygiene Mum

Born- 1989

Favourite Board- SUP

Most Likely to say- "Marcus!! why did you do that?!"


ALI / Surf Guide/Enforcer

Speaking Arabic, French and English with fantastic surf guiding and big bear smile people warm to him and get hooked on surfing with smiles on their faces. His famous Ali boost when paddling into waves is soorly missed when the session is over.


NickName- The Bear

Born- 1985

Favourite Board- Bear Thruster 6'8"

Most Likely to say- "yalla yalla get up get up!!!"

SABAH / Housekeeper/Chef

Sabah is our amazing African Spirit Chef and housekeeper. She is a lovely local Moroccan from Skirat and always has a smile on her face. Breakfast and Lunch.


Nickname- Sabah

Born- 1969

Favourite Board- N/A although i'm sure she would rip!

Most Likely to say- "Coffee?"


MITSU / Guardian

Mitsu guards the house 5 days a week and ensures the garden is maintained, he also ensures that we have the best sand in front of our beach villa (no jokes).

Nickname- Harry Potter

Born- 1946

Favourite Board- Nimbus 2000

Most Likely to say- "Salut?"


LLOYD / Marketing

Joining us for this season Lloyd has transformed our website and ensures you guys keep finding us. Also knowing the local spots Lloyd is great fun to surf with never letting there be a dull moment, but prepare for some dawny sessions if you show keenness!!


Nickname- Safety Dad

Born- 1989

Favourite Board- Wired Fish 5'10"

Most Likely to say- "Oooo watch that glass doesn't fall!!!"


TONTA / Surf Camp Dog

Tonta is the real boss in the camp always getting her walks on time! Found in a bin as a puppy in 2010 she has certainly upgraded her sleeping arrangements, she patrols the beach like she owns it and watches over the house throughout the day.


Nickname- Tonta doggy

Born- 2010

Favourite spot- resting her head on the terrace railings

Most Likely to say- "woof"