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Surfing North Morocco

North Morocco Introduction

An interetsing insight in to the North. not sure i agree with all of it. the surf in Spring and Autumn can be awsome, plus your often in boardies from May until mid August.

Facebook - My wifes loving her new camera thanks Sean Gunn

For more than a hundred and fifty years, Europeans have found Morocco a fascinating place to visit. Since the French colonization of North Africa in the 19th century, artists, travelers, writers, and intellectuals have lingered in Morocco's exotic medinas from the romantic city of Tangier to the enthralling crossroads of Marrakech, drinking tea and smoking opium and soaking it all in. For today's surfers, Morocco is to Europe what Mexico is to Californians: a nearby, warmer place with good food, exotic culture, and pumping surf. And it is the definition of exotic. A Muslim country with a deep history sitting on the edge of the Sahara Desert, the twisting, shadowy, thousand-year-old streets of its walled medinas are another world of spicy foods, lilting music, fragrant spices, and astounding architecture. It's the other side of the world for Americans, and it feels like it's a step back in time a couple of centuries as well. You'll see women in veils and men in robes, clomping camels, green fields and rocky coastline, towering mosques and snowy mountains. And you'll see line after line of groundswell exploding on right points that'll make your heart rate surge.While the vast majority of surfers skip most of the country and head straight to the crowded, wave-filled region and offshore winds around Agadir, the entire coastline offers fantastic surf and a miniscule local surfing population. By taking your time and exploring the coast from Tangier south, you'll most likely be surfing by yourself and having a much richer cultural experience.

The Seasons

Fall Weather-wise, it's nearly identical to Southern California. Best surf months are fall and winter, when the days are sunny and nights crisp. Levis and sweatshirts are usually sufficient, but bring a nicer set of clothes if you plan on going out in the cities. Daytime temperatures can be warm enough for sunbathing in the south. In fall and winter, water temperatures hover around 18°C (62° F) so a 3/2mm steamer is warm enough. Sunny days you can get away with less.

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