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Oh No Not the Mercedes


Oh no im kind of gutted if the old Merc's go, you see them all over Bouznika we even use them for surf wagons if the Jeep is else where.

Breaking News

The government will offer owners of the grand taxis a subsidy of 80,000 dirhams if they wish to buy a new vehicle according to the Official Gazette published on July 18, but subject to some fairly strict conditions.

In parallel with this government project, the Renault automobile company in Tangier reportedly said earlier that it would offer a discount of MAD10,000 for taxi drivers who wish to replace their old Mercedes 240 Diesel with a new Dacia Lodgy.

To qualify for the discount, the vehicle must be at least 10 years old, must have served as a grand taxi for the three years preceding the discount application, and it must be sent either by the government, or by the dealer from whom the taxi-driver purchased the new car, to the car breakers to be destroyed.

There are approximately 55,000 taxis offering transportation services all over Morocco, and Casablanca alone has about 6,500.

Most of the taxis are the Mercedes 240 Diesel model and are more than 30 years old. These are well past their “expiration date,” but are still roaming the streets of Morocco, uncomfortably carrying six passengers plus the driver at one time.

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