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The Local Experience

Hands-on Moroccan Cookery Classes with African Spirit. The African Spirit chef (Sanaa) will teach you how to make the traditional dishes that are central to Moroccan cuisine:


  • Harira

  • Tagines

  • Couscous

  • B’stila

  • Moroccan salads

  • Breads

  • Desserts


Plus you’ll learn about the spices and key ingredients necessary to create authentic Moroccan dishes. Click on the buttons below for more details.


Cookery Course Breakdown


Few tourists get the chance to experience the preparation of Moroccan cuisine; something that is essential to understanding the culture. We promise our guests a completely hands-on experience in the traditional process of food preparation that Moroccans perform every day.

  • Lessons are approximately 2-3 hours long

  • Starting with a grocery trip to the local Market to buy all of your fresh ingredients.

  • Lessons then take place at the beach villa kitchen with Sanaa, Touraya or Sabah.

  • After completing your delicious Moroccan meals we can enjoy them overlooking the beach.


You will have the opportunity to relax or if your feeling energetic why not learn to surf.


Please email us to pre-book your Cookery classes, especially if you are staying with us on holiday.

For information:

Cooking / Surf Holiday with African Spirit
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