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My Therapy was North Morocco

Coming back to North Morocco was nt a differcult decsion after chemo as my wifes is from here, the business is here and the surf is so good. I was lucky that when i finshed my treatment it was the end of May, so Morocco was nice and warm and pretty mellow. 3 weeks later i was told by my specialist (who happens to be a surfer) get back in the water and start living, so i returned to North Morocco. He also told me hes words "you ll be a weak as a kitten" he was nt wrong there i had to have help getting my wetsuit on and off.

Anyway 8 months im back surfing short boards. Here a few pictures of my journey (i feel good and happy to be here) you notice the boards get smaller

Marcus :)

Facebook - Thanks Ryan Manetta Johnny and Pip for a great evening, i've done my
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Facebook - What a difference a yr makes, this time last yr it was nt looking tha
Facebook - Good to be back in Morocco, this was actually my first wave "Feeling

Facebook - Guess who went surfing today, thanks Sarahbuntphotography Bunt for th

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