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Surfing North Morocco

This is a little clip i cobbled together very quickly, i hope you enjoy it, its the Surf Camp in North Morocco.

Other news is its been a great this yr so far ie day after day of classic surf right across Morocco. We have spent the the whole time in Bouznika so far just surfing in North Morocco. However flights are so cheap from Standsted/ Rabat right now with Ryan Air we are actually in Cornwall for a few weeks right now visiting family and friends before heading back on the 16th of this month. Not sure ill surf in Cornwall though i think the water is a bit cold for us right now, this time next month ill be in board shorts back in North Morocco so i may just take it easy and drink coffee and eat pasties ha ha (i cant help noticing that the surf in North Morocco is really good right now though, looks like the point and outside the house will be classic. Remember North Morocco really does get surf all yr round and its good and its uncrowned.

That s pretty much it for now, apart we have a new high way going in near us which means a lot of the Surf spots in North Morocco have just got a lot easy to get to. Road should be open in the next few months "GREAT"

M :)

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