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Hands-on Moroccan Cookery Classes with African Spirit

My Lovely wife on the right is going to start pushing the cookery holidays this yr, she has opted not to do a masters but instead spend more time with me and in the camp (are nt i a lucky boy)

The African Spirit chef (Sanaa) will teach you how to make the traditional dishes that are central to Moroccan cuisine:

  • Harira

  • Tagines

  • Couscous

  • B’stila

  • Moroccan salads

  • Breads

  • Desserts

Plus you’ll learn about the spices and key ingredients necessary to create authentic Moroccan dishes. Click on the buttons below for more details.

Cookery course breakdown

  • Lessons are approximatley 2-3 hours long

  • Starting with a grocery trip to the local Market to buy all of your fresh ingredients.

  • Lessons then take place at the beach villa kitchen with Sanaa, Touraya or Sabah.

  • After completing your delicious Moroccan meals we can enjoy them overlooking the beach.

Few tourists get the chance to experience the preparation of Moroccan cuisine; something that is essential to understanding the culture.

You will have the opportunity to relax or if your feeling energetic why notlearn to surf. We promise our guests a completely hands-on experience in the traditional process of food preparation that Moroccans perform every day.

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