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River Surfer North Morocco

This little edit was filmed in early spring 2016, its features Abdel El harim of Rabat surfing a secret RIVER spot in North Morocco. It takes a big swell to get this wave working but when its on its alot of fun. If there has been loads of rain the water can look like chocolate (does nt taste like it sadly) as after all it is a river. Its always a degree or two colder and a lot less salty. If you dont mind jumping off slippery rocks (which van be a bit scary if you get it wrong) ill take you there when you come and stay.

So what has happened surf wise in North Morocco

Well its been a slow season ie very quiet ( we put this down to the fact that people are afraid to travel). However this has nt effected the mood in the camp, Marcus has been surfing loads, he s now strong and fit after his scare with cancer 2.5 yrs ago, he really is just a big kid (boundless energy NOW and a cheeky chap ( I love him)

So we will be staying open all yr this yr and i must say the surf in north morocco has been GOOD this summer, its been day after after day of chest high waves. This part of Morocco really does get waves all year round and still remains very quiet in the water.

Hopefully see you all very soon

S :)

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