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Wild Camping

So we just nipped over to the Uk for a couple of weeks (Sanaa finds it cold ha ha) Flew out of Rabat to Stanstead (super cheap and just under 3 hr flight time this time). Staying in Kernow with family and been at the beach most days, surf as been pretty average so i did feel the need top jump in (SORRY its cold). We have nt wild camped in the little truck yet and dont think we will some how this time as it more of a day van and it bloody cold in the evening.

Heading back to North Morocco in 5 days time where it will be a whole lot warmer and be surfing in boardies next month so thats something to look forward too. The surf in North Morocco should really start to get very good this time of yr, its very like Portugal and France loads of great beachies that come alive as soon as it gets a bit smaller so im excited (the surf camp in North morocco will be open all yr round from now on as it really doers that good)

Thats all for now see some of you very soon :)

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