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Surfing With Kids, Any Advise?

Some breaking news!

Well life here in Morocco is about to change again "BIG TIME". Im going to be a Dad in the not to distant future either (yikes). Im really excited now, though some what nervous as well. The last few yrs have been a bit of an emotional roller coaster as i a had the biggest shock ever in 2014 when i got Diagnosed with Lymphoma (blood cancer), we had a rough old 6 months following (especially the first month as there thought it was terminal). I wont go into to details here (treatment not too nice) you ll have to ask me when you see me. Good news is im all good now fingers and everything else crossed that ill continue to be like that.

So as i said im going to be a Dad, whats the heck does this mean? every one keeps telling me "say good night to long sleeps and lie in s and hello to sleepless nights". Ill keep you posted on this one, all i can say is i do need my sleep but ive never been one for a lie in as 7am is late for me, so i guess im 50% ready yes?

So ill leave it there for now, looks like our hands are going to be full soon.

Hopefully See you all very soon and just to remind you now the surf camp in North Morocco ie Bouznika is now going to be staying open all yr round. I guess we are going to focus on Family Surf Holidays from now on for obvious reasons, dont worry we have done loads in the past so im sure we can manage even though the team is growing.

Marcus :)

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