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Surf Camp Morocco

Having a blog sometimes feels like homework, i know i need to keep on top of it to help promote the "here we go SURF CAMP MOROCCO. I also know i have to try and keep it short, too the point and interesting.

Thought id give you a breif discription of what to expect at our SURF CAMP MOROCCO (sorry more key words) and then paste a few reviews of what some of guest s have to say.

Ok here goes, well our surf camp is in the north of Morocco in a small town called Bouznika we are about 30 mins south of Rabat. The camp is only very small and run by myself and my Morocan wife Sanaa (she was born here). We have a beach front house with about 11 surf spots on our door step, they dont all work at the same time, some in the winter some in the summer ie some need no swell and can get out of control when its big and others need lots of swell (oh and you can literally surf out the front of our house its great little clean left hander). The house its self has 4 bedrooms so we only ever really cater for 8 or 9 max a week, sometimes alot less. We dont suffer from crowds here un like the south and you can surf pretty much all yr round. At the moment we a surfing in board shorts and its been head high for the last 3 weeks (we do get swell here). In the winter it can big but we have shelter in the harbour of Rabat (really fun wave) This was the training ground for both Adbel and Yassin 2 of Moroccos best surfers and good friends of ours. Abdels calm to fame is he beat Mick Fanning in a WQS heat in france and Shane Dorian as a wild card at Pipe Line (the boy can surf).

So if you fancy surfing uncrowded wave (one more plug SURF CAMP MOROCCO) drop me a line and we will find you waves that suit you, maybe it s a reef or a points or just beach breaks we have it all here.

Here are just a few reviews

Fantastic holiday. Marcus and Sanaa were exceptionally welcoming. They went out of their way to ensure I had a brilliant time. As a beginner surfer they were very helpful giving me many pointers. The cooking lessons were very relaxed but fun and I'm looking forward to trying them out. They also took me out in Rabat so I feel I've seen some of the real Morocco. The accommodation was lovely- the only "complaint" was the surf was noisy, but it's hard to criticise a beach front apartment!

Marcus and Sanaa were simply superb hosts making our trip an absolutely brilliant one. They bent over backwards to accommodate us with our two little ones (4years and 18months). We'd never surfed before, but Marcus's lessons were well paced and allowed us time to practice the basics, but he didn't hesitate to push us a bit once we got the hang of things which was great. Sanaa's cooking lessons were great also - proper Moroccan meals, damn tasty. Sanna also helped us get the essentials (stuff we wouldn't find easily at home) while we were in Morocco so we could recreate everything. Awesome holiday! Thanks.

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