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Small Groups and No crowdsI

Since ive givern the pass word for the blog (thank you Lloyd) and im no longer on L plates i plan to try and up date it most days with all the pictures and culture stuff that goes on here in the North of Morocco and Rabat. There is a a good chance the whole website will crash now he he.

One of the things that i still hold dear is that our camp was never about being a money machine i never wanted to be big, we still only cater for a very small surf groups and the waves up here in the North of Morocco are still uncrowded. When i set the business up 7 yrs ago who would of thought in that time i would have married a local and nearly lost my life to cancer. Well the good news is im still here alive and well and now in full remission. I drive my lovely wife more mad each day with naughtiness.

This picture was taken 12 weeks after Chemo last september (my hair and energy was slowly starting to come back)


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