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7 days with a hidden Gem!!

The day has finally come around, after months of waiting I can now frantically cram pointless surf accessories, t-shirts and copious amounts of sex wax into my bag for what is meant to be a 7 day Moroccan surf trip.

My flight leaves London’s Standsted Airport at four thirty this afternoon for the genuinely fantastic Moroccan capital city Rabat. So by ten o’clock this evening I will be sitting on the African Spirit balcony sipping some Moroccan whisky (sugary minty tea), listening to waves crashing at the foot of the beach villa!

Most people I know fit into two categories when it comes to the weeks leading up to an extreme sports holiday, whether it be surfing, snowboarding or windsurfing you either obsess over the long distance forecasts every detail or ignore that such forecasting super computers even exist?? In theory you will be going anyway so shouldn’t waste your time worrying about the day 6 wind direction or fretting that the swell period on day 4 just isn’t near enough to 10 seconds to get excited.

But in reality I cannot stop myself checking the surf forecast for the local beach in Morocco at least 5 times a day, click this link for the most appropriate Magic Seaweed link for African Spirit Surf camp. I have this link easily accessible on all of my browsers (surf nerd!), giving me quick access to the crucial swell characteristics we all love to try and understand so thoroughly.


Well as you can see the weeks wave forecast is looking very tasty indeed, therefore I am brimming with sex wax fuelled keenness! That first head high right at the local point cannot come soon enough, this fantastic shot was popped only days ago by my friend Sammy.


With a forecast like this I can see at least 5 or 6 different spots very close to camp that will be blessed with the presence of my battered 5’10”quad fish. African Spirit has the very unique benefit of having class waves literally on the door step, usually this would be shared with god knows how many other surf camps. However this I no Pipeline, Hawaii I can assure you, the only surf house on this beach is African Spirit which means the waves are quiet often completely deserted! I have surfed more on my own with African Spirit than in the crumbly wind swell of the English South Coast.

I could write all day about the hidden peaches of morocco in this blog but part of what makes African Spirit surf camp special is tapping into that rare combination of beautiful and quiet waves. Comes and visit the camp and see what I am talking about but don’t ruin an absolute gem of a surf spot by swamping the internet with it.

Cheers guys!

P.S A video edit will follow this in a couple of weeks.

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