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A Day in The Life

Facebook - This is Lady G, she pretty much lives under the stairs now, i cant go

"You need a Blog Marcus, it will drive traffic to you website". My first thoughts oh no really, im not a writter im dislipstick and what would i find to write about. Well im actually quiet enjoying it and each day i have lots of new pictures and the ood bit to say.

I not worried or interested about all this back linking stuff, i figure ill just add content and the ood key word like north morocco , surfing north morocco, surf camps morrocco etc etc and let the google spiders do the work (he he)

So this morning's quick blog post is a day the life in the camp, well infact its actually only a morning as i dont know waht im doing this afternoon. So here goes.

There is no guest in today so we have a few days off until the falmouth boys arrive on saturday, so im off to walk the dogs (the one above is tonta she is very naughty and when push comes to it she can be scary if you dont know her, she s a good house gaurdian. the other is lady who lives under hert stairs she looks more scary as she 95% German Shepard (she so soft and just wants to play).

Oh and my lovely wife is going to veggie market (thank god we have we have the dogs) i hate any kind of shopping.

Another blog update later today as i still have some of the surf photos to add from last week point action. Which i must say has worked every day now for the last 3 weeks.


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