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Surf Tips

Surfing looks easy when you’re watching the pros, but there are a lot of surf basics you need to know before you paddle out by yourself. The best way to start is usually a surf lesson. You can find a surf school in our comprehensive directory, or ask a surfer friend to take you out and give you some surf tips and guidance.

In case you don’t have a local expert to get you started, here is a quick list of how to surf tips and advice you should read before you hit the water.

First things first, before you start paddling out and shredding, you need to make sure you make two critical decisions:

  • Choose the right surfboard to learn to surf on.

  • Select the best area beach to learn to surf.

These choices will greatly affect your first surf experience. The best place to learn how to surf is at a flat sandy beach where there is plenty of room to find your own area in the water. You don’t want to learn in a crowded lineup of experienced surfers. For safety reasons, you also don’t want to learn to surf in a zone where children and families are casually swimming.


Will you be surfing with your left foot in front, or your right foot? Watch this quick video demonstration on how to find out if you are regular foot (left foot forward) or goofy foot (right foot forward):

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