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Its all about the CUTTIE

Cut Back

The cutback is one of surfing’s most elusive maneuvers for progressing surfers. When i say cutback i don’t just mean turning back towards the whitewater, I mean getting fully on rail, wrapping all the way around compressed then extending & hitting high on the on-coming whitewater or lip and rebounding with speed and flow.

A properly performed cutback rebound is probably one of the main maneuvers that separates the advanced surfer.

So why is the cutback easy to learn, but extremely difficult to master? There is a long list of errors that a surfer can make when performing a cutback. Here are five of the most common reasons you may struggle with your surfing cutback.

  • Back foot not far enough back

  • not staying compressed long enough

  • not getting on rail enough

  • not turning head & looking all the way to the oncoming wave

  • Picking the wrong part of the wave to do a cutback

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