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Gap Yr Or Career Break

Been thinking queit a bit lately about the Gap Yr Surfing in Morocco, it must be siad im really quiet excited about a new advanture as i love to travel and meet new people.

We really have got it covered also, ive got a couple of great houses to stay in already one in Bouznika North Morocco and One in Sidi Ifni south . So all you ll need to do is get yourself to Marrekesh airport and the adventure will start there. We will pick you up there and will have the charts in mind, we will either head to our home town in Bouznika or go straight down to Sidi Ifni where we have a great little riad (tradional house)

I just need to get a small group on board now im thinking 4 max each time. This way we wont be a crowd where ever we go and ill only need to run one Jeep.

Ill try and get surfers of the same sort of ability on each program, it shoud make it more fun for all concerned. However its not the end of the world if the ability is mixed

As for price its going to be some where between £1700 or £1800 for 10 weeks, will include breakfast lunch and 3 evening meal in house, guests will have the opportunity to cook for themseleves or eat out the nights we dont cook. Oh of course surf guiding and lessons should they be needed.

We d love to hear from so get in touch and lets get this program off the ground.

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