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Surf Morocco

So we had a taste of winter last week, it was kind of cloudy and we actually had a bit of rain which was well recieved by the farmers as it hadnt rained really since November. However rain did nt stop the boys from famouth scoring some nice little waves here in North Morocco. The second part of the video is Abdel ripping it up "enjoy its pretty impressive"

Other news we are now running the Moroccan surf safaris taking in either the North or the South of the country. Guest just need to get themselves to Merrekesh and we will decide were we will surf in Moroccco a few days before you arrive. Its not too expensive at £350 per person for 7 nights, we have every thing covered from our beach front villa in Bouznika, a huge town house just north of Rabat, and raids in the south. If its not super big we generally head North and surf the uncrowed waves around Rabat (in the video above), there really is so many option and really no one out a lot of the time. We will be running the safaris all yr round now (its alot of fun). If you want some more info let me know and be hapy to help and share some surf morocco style.

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