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Good To Be Back

Hello Bouznika, hello North Morocco though i was only gone for 9 days and loved my time in the UK it felt so good being back. I was in the water like a flash and surfed head high lefts right out the front of the villa on my own in the morning (solo surfing no crowds LOVE IT). Only surfed the once as surfing the energy for nect week looks good.

The water temp is lovely now also it must be 20 + i had a little spring suit on, i think by the end of the month though board shorts will be the go.

What a lot of people dont realise is you can surf North Morocco all yr round (unlike the south) the wind comes up in the afternoon but if you happy to surf early and late you ll get some great waves as this coast is so exposed and gets all the swell. In the summer all the little out reef start working so as long as you got a proper ground swell ie peroid you can get waves even when its only 2ft (and there good). This time of yr i still surf all my boards ie twinnie, single fin quad thruster and my paddle baord (it really is that good)

Looking forward to the Swiss guys arriving this afternoon i know there want to SURF hard so i guess lots of dawnies for me.

See Yeah

Ps remember we are only a small surf camp so we do not not have crowds in the water or in the house sometimes it may only be a few people staying in the camp so you will have a very real Moroc experience and a very surfie mellow time

M :)

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