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Afro Celt

So we made it from the sunny surf camp Morocco to the pretty cold and windy beaches of Cornwall. Its still so beuatiful though, so a bit a wind and a 10/15 degree drop in temp is nt really a problem (we love visiting).

We literally have nt stopped since we have been back, catching up with friends and family and of course catching a few waves (yesterday we caught up with Martie and Annamart from Holland guests from last October, it was really fun showing the breaks in Morocco and now PT)

Other news well little Malcom our camper van is a star, off we go every day and hang out some where put the kettle on, read, bike and surf so all is good (loving Life, as this time last yr i was only just out of Chemo, what a difference a yr makes)

That all for now folks, try to keep the blogs short and sweet but its my homework for the SEO "rememeber Marcus blog every 2 weeks use key words" ie surf camps morocco and surf camps morocco (its bloody hard when your in Cornwall ha ha) So we are back for september and the surf camp morocco will be open first week of September (cheeky plugs) sorry.

Bye for now


Ps picture of Malcom at PT before every one arrived

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