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It's All About Tagine!

Direct from Chef Sanaa

The Tagine is the jewel in the crown of Moroccan cuisine – although couscous, crispypigeon b'stilla pies and those sticky sweet date pastries also deserve a look-in – the tagine is a stew that takes its name from the heavy earthenware pot in which it is slow cooked, traditionally over an open fire, or bed of charcoal.

Fish and Lemon Tagine

Tagines can be cooked up from almost anything – lamb and chickenremain the most popular, but beef, goat, fish and even camel turn up tagined these days (and you can also make something intriguingly named aBerber omelette in one, should you so desire).


In Morocco, tagines are generally served with bread, couscous being a dish in its own right. Both are, in my opinion, equally good at mopping up any sauce, so you should feel free to do as you please

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